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What are the product details?
What are the product details?

Technical information

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To use moonbird, iPhones must have iOS10.0 or higher (recommended devices are iPhone 5 and newer). Android phones must have version 8.0.0 Oreo or higher.

Feature Description

Power supply 5VDC 500mA

Battery type Lithium ion battery

Battery lifetime 7 x 20 min = 2 hours 20min

Battery charging time 3 hours

Battery charging type Magnetic charging cable to USB A male. Please fit this in a power adaptor with USB A female min 500mA.

Dimensions 122 mm x 54 mm x 44 mm

Weight 186 gr

Operating temperature 5-40°C

Storage temperature and

humidity -5 - 35°CB, <75% RH

Material Biocompatible, medical grade silicone skin (RoHS and phthalates approved)

Sensor Optical reflectance PPG sensor to measure heart rate and derivatives

Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth® 5 – Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

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